Introduction to academic writing and research

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Academic writing is a structured form of writing that is normally done at the college/university level. To understand the essentials of academic writing, think about

1. The definition
2. Types of papers written
3. How different it is from other papers
4. importance of learning academic writing as a person and as a student.

The class will equip you with basic skills of writing. The main pillars of any academic writing are;

-introducing your idea
-making arguments to convince people about your ideas
-as well as concluding on the main points.

We shall start here, then take a notch at how we shall make our information valuable by incorporating sources through research writing. By the end of the class, you would have gained the knowledge in the composing process, generating your own ideas, and using secondary sources to make your idea credible.

congratulations for joining the class!!

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Course Content

Writing Introductions
The introduction provides the basis of your paper. It dictates whether or not your readers will continue reading or they will stop immediately. Don't be boring, create compelling intros!

  • The Hook
  • Background Information
  • Writing the thesis statement

Writing Body Paragraphs
After the introduction, we now set foot in designing our body paragraphs. These are arguments that we make to substantiate our subject matter. In other words, we are trying to defend our stand on the thesis. Body paragraphs are normally arguments extracted from the thesis, and they have to revolve around the same idea. kindly watch the video and see some images on how to construct body paragraphs.

Writing the Conclusion
The conclusion summarizes your arguments. It is important to run through your essay and take away important points and present them as a conclusion. A conclusion has three main parts 1. restating the thesis 2. summarizing the body paragraphs 3.offerrecommendations/precautions/advice/guidance review the video below for more information

Final Assignment
Based on the information provided, kindly write a 5, well-developed essay based on the topc of your choosing.

Introduction to Research Writing
In this lesson, we shall learn about the contents of research. We shall also explore the basics of writing a research paper. In addition, we shall look at how to incorporate outside sources into our paper. We shall learn about different formats used to write research papers, but we shall major in the two most common [APA and MLA] Kindly watch the videos below for this lesson

Working on the References page
The reference page is the last page of your paper. It details a list of sources you have used in your paper. Under this section, a reader can click on the link and proceed to see more information about the subjects you discussed under external sources.

Finding Credible Sources
Finding credible sources for your paper can be tiresome. To some extent, students use dummy and incomplete sources to cite their papers. It is a good practice to find a credible source, ensure you go through the entire source, and ensure you can access it before using it in your paper. Below is a list of sources you should avoid; Encyclopedia Personal blogs social media posts Below is a list of credible sources you can use periodical journals magazines newsletters [from credible sources like New York Times] podcasts [from reputable persons or organizations] organizations [like WHO, UN etc] diaries books census and statistics government websites youtube and videocasts [Ted talks] interviews and observations

Search Engine [google, scholar, citation machine
Google search engine Google is one of the most used search engines today. libraries, websites and databases store their information online. It is this information that we fetch, otherwise known as secondary sources, to use in supporting our ideas. In this lesson we shall learn;how to find the right sourcesfiltering the sources to find reliable results using searchable extensions and techniques kindly watch the video to get a preview of this lesson google scholar Google Scholar, is a branch of google that majorly deals with scholarly sources. scholarly sources are peer-reviewed sources [accepted for academic use] and can be majorly found in google scholar.

Demonstration and Examples
Under this segment, we shall apply the above concepts that we have learnt to see how outside sources can be used in our paper. under this segment, we shall 1. pick a source 2. use craap test to analyse the source 3. incorporate the source in our research 4. do some referencing 5. format the referencing

Turnitin and Grammarly
Turnitin software lets you check plagiarism levels. Once you are done with your paper, it is PARAMOUNT that you check your levels of plagiarism. plagiarism is an academic crime student can be summoned to the senate, and even get expelled for copying from the internet. keep your plagiarism levels less than 10 percent don't allow plagiarism on more than 5 words consecutively using your completed essay, kindly login to Turnitin using the following credentials. Check your plagiarism levels and adjust where necessary Grammarly helps you refine your paper by checking grammar mistakes. It is essential as an upcoming writer to run away from all grammar and structural mistakes. Kindly normalize using Grammarly to avoid being in the spotlight for errors. use the login details below

Check the samples below under attachment

Course Assignment
Kindly find the course assignment for the final below

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