“The Adobe Design Masterclass: Visualize, Design, Deliver”

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About Course

Dive into the vibrant world of graphic design with Elearners Academy’s all-encompassing course tailored for both novices and pros! Embark on a transformative journey from understanding the basics to mastering advanced techniques using the renowned Adobe Suite.

Kickstart with an easy guide on downloading and installing the software, followed by an in-depth exploration of iconic tools like Photoshop and Illustrator. Delve into the core of graphic design as you familiarize yourself with layers, backgrounds, and pivotal design principles.

Elevate your skills with modules on image retouching, professional logo creation, and crafting in-demand graphics such as posters, flyers, and mockups. Unleash your creativity and design your future with us! 🎨✨

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What Will You Learn?

  • Adobe Suite Fundamentals:
  • Downloading and installing Adobe Suite tools.
  • An introduction to the user interfaces of Photoshop, Illustrator, and other relevant software.
  • Setting up your first project: canvas sizes, resolution, and color modes.
  • Foundations of Graphic Design:
  • The principles of design: contrast, repetition, alignment, and proximity.
  • Color theory and its application in digital design.
  • Typography: Choosing fonts, pairing, and setting for readability and aesthetics.
  • Deep Dive into Photoshop:
  • Navigating layers, blending modes, and adjustment layers.
  • Image retouching: tools, techniques, and best practices.
  • Background creation, manipulation, and removal.
  • Mastering Illustrator for Vector Graphics:
  • The basics of vector design: paths, anchors, and shapes.
  • Creating detailed illustrations, icons, and logos.
  • Working with the pen tool, brushes, and patterns.
  • Real-world Design Projects:
  • Crafting on-demand graphics like posters, flyers, and professional logos.
  • Designing and presenting mockups for digital and print.
  • Tips and tricks for quick edits and revisions.
  • Advanced Techniques and Tips:
  • Combining Photoshop and Illustrator for intricate designs.
  • Using advanced filters, effects, and plugins.
  • Animation basics in Adobe After Effects for your designs.
  • Finalizing and Exporting Your Designs:
  • Proper file formats for various platforms and print.
  • Compressing without losing quality.
  • Preparing a portfolio and presenting to clients or stakeholders.
  • Staying Updated and Continuous Learning:
  • Keeping up with Adobe Suite updates and new features.
  • Resources, communities, and platforms to engage with for inspiration and queries.
  • Building a personal brand and monetizing your graphic design skills.

Course Content

Getting Started: What You Will Learn

Working with Photoshop: Layers, Backgroups, Retouching]

Refine Your Design

Examples and Demos

Logo Design Process

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